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Doug Nugent

doug nugent

Doug Nugent

Customer Success & Retention Expert


Passionate about delivering value to customers and driven by results, Doug Nugent is a senior level leader with 20 years of experience managing practically every aspect of the customer experience (CX). Doug builds his client’s capabilities to increase revenue – at scale – by optimizing the customer journey for loyalty and operational efficiency.

Over a period of eight years, Doug served in Customer Success and Business Operations leadership roles at three high growth SaaS (Software as a Service) startups – Lithium Technologies, Get Satisfaction (acquired by Sprinklr) and, per Forbes, a Silicon Valley “Unicorn”. In those roles Doug built teams, processes and supporting technology that drove conversions, renewals and expansion revenue. His time at all three companies also developed expertise in social support/online community strategy, working with customers like Walmart, P&G, Telus and Netflix.

Prior to working for software companies, he spent eight+ years in the CRM implementation business, which included co-founding and selling a CRM implementation/integration company, Propellix.

Doug was also a member of the Canadian National Sailing team and continues to compete internationally.