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Julie Mantis

julie mantis

Julie Mantis

Partner, Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing


Julie is a brand and digital strategist with over a decade of experience in the industry. Julie’s nature is to lead with empathy, seeking answers and collecting information about why people do what they do, and follow with swift action.
Motivated by the power of the answer to ‘Why?’, Julie distills information to identify key strategic insights allowing for connections to be made between the consumer and brand offering. For Julie, it is that aha! moment that becomes the basis for which all creative opportunities and solutions are born from. Utilizing these insights, Julie ensures every touchpoint within the brand’s ecosystem is optimally activated and communicating with your consumer, driving them to awareness, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

In addition to her role as Brand Strategist, Julie manages project teams as both account lead and oversight, creates Marketing & Digital Processes for brands building in-house capabilities, and trains and mentors Brand and Marketing teams for organizations seeking professional development and retention of existing employees. Julie has worked with brands such as Bugaboo, The Miami HEAT, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chrysler/ Fiat, VISIT Florida, Ideal Image, Jungle Island, Logan’s Roadhouse, Burger King, Backyard Discovery and Step2.