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Steve Rucker

steve rucker

Steve Rucker

Software Engineer, Code Jockey


Steve loves to take your ideas and designs and convert them into the digital platforms or products that you dream of; to take a flat image and bring it to life on a screen.

Steve has been involved in software development and engineering for more nearly two decades. He enjoys seeing a project through from conception to reality, and then continuing to refine the development to meet the end users’ needs. Steve has worked with a wide range of clients, from local brands to global brands. These include Kairos Facial Biometrics, Backyard Discovery, SpokenLayer,, Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Citibank, Toyota, Mentos, Guinness and numerous others.

Steve’s technical skills cover a multitude of languages and frameworks including Golang, Python, PHP, Django, Object Factory, JavaScript, jQuery, Coldfusion and many more. Similarly he is comfortable undertaking web development on a wide variety of platforms, content management systems and languages. These include HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Google Maps API, database management systems and MySQL.