Brazil vs Argentina: Latin America Creativity

You got to love Latin American humor!

Some background … The Argentinan and Brazilian soccer / football / futbol rivalry is highly competitive as well as their respective sets of fans. Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often marked by notable and sometimes controversial incidents. Historically, it’s been pretty even (out of 93 matches there were 24 draws, Argentina won 34, and Brazil won 35, … though Argentina only has 2 World Cup titles and Brazil has 5!)…

Before a match in 2007 an Argentinean condom company posted ad to let Brazilians know what will presumably happen to them at the upcoming bout.

Latin America Creativity - Brazil Vs Argentina - Argentina ad

Brazil won the match prompting the Brazillian Football organization to run this ad:

Latin America Creativity - Brazil Vs Argentina - Brazil ad

You got to love Latin American humor! I hope I don’t have to explain these ads, but it’s one of the best uses of typography I’ve seen… so subtle, so clever… love it!

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