Cannes Lions + Humanitarian Lion = Spread The Word

For the last couple years I have attended the Cannes Lions. It’s my favorite advertising festival of the year: the work, the location, the people you meet, and, of course, the parties. I think what truly sets it apart is it’s international judging panel. Only allowing one judge per country prevents countries like the US or UK from throwing their weight around and creating a biased judging pool – I believe this results in the most accurate and honest results and it shows in the quality of work that wins (even if some of it is a bit over the top).

Due to it’s long standing success and the quality of the work it has become, without fail, the most respected advertising award show in the world and draws in the greatest minds in advertising and marketing. Say what you like about marketers we do actually have some brilliant wonderfully creative minds in our industry. I think really great creative types are less concerned with the medium they work in and are just focused on being able to unlock their mind and think in unconventional ways.

Humanitarian Lion is a group advocating a new addition to the Cannes Lions. They want all agencies that submit work to the Lions to also submit a single document of their thoughts on how to solve some of the worlds great humanitarian issues.

In a recession most of the world’s businesses and individuals will be donating less money to some of the great charitable organizations that have been operating for years or in many cases decades. It’s going to be a terrible travesty to watch the results of these funding reductions.

Sadly I totally understand the necessity to hold back much needed cash flow during these times, but why can’t we donate more of our brain power. I’d love to see something like this get pushed through.

If you’re in the agency world, check out the video below or visit their site to sign-up and support the cause. Only a few major agencies would have to stand behind this to really give it some momentum.

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Freddie Laker // Founding Partner, Interim CDO/CMO
Freddie Laker takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, helping clients transform their businesses through innovation, new technologies, and unconventional thinking. This has been the foundation which Freddie has built effective marketing strategies for both startups and established global brands for over 20 years. Freddie… Learn More
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