Can Algorithms Replace Humans At Stitch Fix?

This post was originally posted on on MAR 15, 2018. You can access the original post here. In the high-touch, highly subjective world of fashion, nobody thought computers would ever style customers and predict fashion trends. Yet, the online personalized styling service Stitch Fix made this reality. Stitch Fix clients sign up to receive customized […]

Retail’s Big Show #NRF2018 Wrap-Up

Image from NFR Flickr As an eCommerce and Digital Marketing leader, mainly on the client side for 15+ years, I’m always trying to find ways to balance my curiosity around shiny cool technologies and practical innovations that lead to great return on investment. With last week’s wrap up of Retail’s Big Show #NRF2018, I was […]

How Augmented Reality Is Giving Furniture A Boost In Sales

This post was originally posted on on DEC 20, 2017. You can access the original post here. As more and more purchases move online, new categories of products start gaining ecommerce traction. Books and music were the first to establish a dominant ecommerce presence because consumers didn’t need to touch those items to experience […]

Will AI Be The Future Of Retail?

This post was originally posted on on DEC 15, 2017. You can access the original post here. 2017 has been a landmark year for the retail industry. With over 6,700 planned stores closures announced, this year beats the previous all-time high of 6,163 store closings set during the financial crisis in 2008. Whereas the 2008 […]

How Jet Is Stocking Walmart With Innovation

This post was originally posted on on NOV 16, 2017. You can access the original post here. Working at AOL in the late 1990s, I watched countless innovative companies crumble after being acquired. Trailblazers like Spinner, Netscape and Bebo either completely disappeared or became a mere shadow of their former selves after AOL forced […]

How To Manage Your Ecommerce Business Like A Video Game

This post was originally posted on on SEP 12, 2017. You can access the original post here. What do Farmville and face creams have in common from a marketing perspective? Plenty, according to Dermstore President, Cathy Beaupain. While not an obvious connection to most, Beaupain’s also not your traditional retail exec. She didn’t climb the […]

8 Things You Need To Know From The ICO Conference Call

Chameleon partner, Lou Kerner, featured a blog on Hackernoon’s website covering the key takeways from the ICO conference call. On July 27, in partnership with Geektime, we held an hour long conference call with three crypto currency/ICO thought leaders (and over 125 participants.) Speakers talked for 10 minutes about their thoughts on ICOs and then the […]

5 Life Hacks that Will Save You 10 Hours a Week

Life hacks share by Veronika Sonsev in her most recent article publish on by Springboard Enterprises  Are there really ever enough hours in the day to get everything done? As a busy executive, it’s important to focus on the big stuff and outsource as much of the small stuff as possible (a tip I learned from […]

5 Innovations Transforming Biotech

Biotech is an area of technology that affects all of us in some way or other.  It’s an area that I’ve grown increasingly interested in over the last couple of years as its innovations feel more and more like stories from the realm of science fiction. There are completely new ways to create food or […]

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