Unreal Time-lapse of the Aurora Borealis

Landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd spent four years looking to create a timelapse of the aurora borealis — also known as the northern lights –, then finally flew to north Norway and spent a week capturing one of the biggest displays in recent years. The final result is absolutely amazing! The stills were shot with a […]

Cannes Lions + Humanitarian Lion = Spread The Word

For the last couple years I have attended the Cannes Lions. It’s my favorite advertising festival of the year: the work, the location, the people you meet, and, of course, the parties. I think what truly sets it apart is it’s international judging panel. Only allowing one judge per country prevents countries like the US […]

Brazil vs Argentina: Latin America Creativity

You got to love Latin American humor! Some background … The Argentinan and Brazilian soccer / football / futbol rivalry is highly competitive as well as their respective sets of fans. Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often marked by notable and sometimes controversial incidents. Historically, it’s been […]

The A380 – In-Flight Technology Obsession?

When I came back from Singapore I had the pleasure of finally flying an Airbus A380 – the largest commercial airliner in the world. I was deeply impressed with the aircraft. It flew gracefully. It was incredibly quiet. The cabin was amazing and spacious. All these things withstanding, probably because I’m a massive nerd, I […]

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