Chameleon Collective partners are visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs and operators that have worked within the highest levels of highly respected companies. We’ve developed processes that reduce risk, challenge beliefs, and advance breakthrough products and services. Evolving beyond theory, we’ve assembled the minds, experience, connections and methods that apply strategy, design and collective innovation to identify new opportunities, disrupt industries and accelerate business growth.


Product Leadership

Building world class products and services requires more than just great technology. From brainstorm and inception, to roadmap and launch, the process demands brilliant people, empathy for the costumer and a winning strategy from the inside out.

Technology Leadership

Bridging the gap between business goals and technology implementation is crucial. From marketing automation and analytics to A.I., Machine Learning, Face Detection or mobile apps – leadership, focus and process defines success.

Digital Transformation

Everything that can be digital, will be. Software is disrupting virtually every industry. We guide the transition from time-intensive analog business models and processes to sustainable and scalable digital transformation.

Product Development

Validating assumptions is an important step to product development to ensure that it solves a real problem in the marketplace. Our expertise is in streamlining this process and maneuvering around the pitfalls common to either software, service or hardware development.

Partner Identification

Partnering with the right people can accelerate revenues and generate new business and the wrong partners can delay your timeline and bring frustration. It’s essential to determine alignment, impact and strategic thinking around what makes a great partnership for your team.

Startup Incubation

Understanding the nuances of developing new business ideas quickly, inexpensively, and with a keen eye for roadblocks to success across a team, early culture, market opportunity, or product development process is in our DNA.


Disrupt the practices that obstruct your own advancement.




Discover where your business sits, excels and stalls within the innovation cycle.



Product ideation and initial business models often look great on paper, but theory tends to break down when it meets the real world. We’ve found the breakdown, no matter what the industry and team, usually boils down to process.


Our six-stage process validates assumptions, reduces risk and saves months of trial and error, along with the costs associated with discovering the inevitable unknowns.

Many companies mistake innovation for technology. The road success is littered with great technology companies that died by the roadside. Technology is an important piece, but requires a systematic approach to identifying pain points, meeting customers needs and designing a go-to-market approach that delivers based on core capabilities.


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