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A VP of Ecommerce is a critical position for any retailer’s success, so it is important to have the right leadership in place. Chameleon Collective provides interim VP of Ecommerce services to an array of retail companies ranging from early-stage startups and direct-to-consumer brands to retailers with revenue in excess of $500MM.

In today’s massively shifting retail landscape, it is critical to have a strategic digital point of view that sets your organization apart from your competition.  Our interim VP of Ecommerce leadership team comes from a wide variety of digital-first backgrounds and can bring years of operating experience along with cutting-edge knowledge of the digital space to your organization in an interim capacity.

Because we have all led large digital businesses in the past, Chameleon Collective’s team members can help the interim VP of Ecommerce quickly assess opportunities throughout the key components of digital businesses, including digital marketing, growth hacking and retention programs; go to market and channel strategies; digital merchandising, website KPIs, analytics and usability; P&L opportunities; tech stack review and recommendations, and team and talent assessment. We also excel at digital transformation for established brands that need a roadmap to quickly and profitably drive their DTC penetration.  

Our leaders are multi-faceted merchants and general managers with a sharp bias towards results—revenue generation and profitability. Our clients include well-known brands in many verticals and up and coming startups.  

interim vp of ecommerce services
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