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To meet the complex internal marketing needs of an increasingly digital world while simultaneously being challenged by shrinking budgets many businesses are building in-house agency-inspired functions within their marketing organizations.

We leverage our experience as both brand marketers and agency veterans to help brands not only find and hire the right talent to create these teams, but how to implement the processes, structure, and best practices to ensure their success.

We believe that in order for these types of transformations to stick, they have to be done from the inside out. This is why our first goal is to become part of the client’s team. We strategically bring in chameleons to play key roles on the team to help learn the nuances behind our client’s culture, capabilities, and level of maturity. 

Building Internal Agency
Our skills and services


Business Assessment

Identifying the current landscape of your employees and business.

Process Design

Defining workflow and the structure for the organization.

Team Recruitment

Creating job profiles and building the right team.

Training and Implementation

Developing the tools you need to succeed in and implementing them.

Operational Excellence

Providing resources for professional growth and success.

Step 1


Every company is different — that’s why we become one with your culture.

We become an extension of your leadership team by taking a deep dive into your company and its culture through stakeholder conversations. Together we assess your current state: including the existing marketing/creative services team’s capabilities and processes, budgets, outline dependencies on external agencies and the operational/cost efficiencies of performing work in-house. The ultimate goal is to create a business assessment, recommendations and business case that clearly outline the ROI of bringing agency capabilities internally.


  • Business Assessment and Recommendations
  • Business Case


  • Organizational Design
  • Process Playbook
  • Integration Plan

Step 2


The results are only as good as the process.

As part of your team, we work to find efficiencies and develop workflows that adopt an agency model, enabling collaboration and clear ownership within integrated teams. This new approach will also ensure full visibility into consumer insights to create a well-informed, agile and nimble process.  Our team will document the workflow, identify systems needed to maintain a successful process and develop a plan of integration to help socialize throughout the organization.

Step 3


A good resume or portfolio is just the cost of entry.

Based on the needs of the organization, we work to develop job profiles that attract and retain the talent needed to build an internal agency. Relevant experience, talent, and a fit with company culture will ensure the best possible candidates. Creating a clear career progression that allows the existing team to develop and grow is an important part of that strategy.
Our team will assist in the recruiting process, as well as make recommendations on hiring. We identify and work with leaders within the internal organization we’re developing to build and guide their teams during the onboarding process.


  • Job Profiles
  • Talent Recommendations and Hiring
  • Talent Recruiting
  • Talent On-Boarding


  • Briefing Templates
  • Marketing Calendar
  • “How to write a brief” Training
  • Talent On-Boarding

Step 4


Now that you have the tools and team you need, let us help you guide them to success.

We develop briefs to provide clear direction across lines of business, including documented training and briefing processes. This ensures everyone on the team is working from the same centralized documentation and established marketing calendar to meet the organization’s marketing needs.

Step 5


Ongoing support through the transition.

We’re determined to take your organization to new heights by providing the ever-evolving resources and team to help you get there. As an extension of your team, our interim leadership can provide best-in-class mentoring and guidance to your newly established internal agency. We are able to develop tailor-made bootcamps to support continued growth and professional development for your team.


  • Global Omni-Channel Bootcamp
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Ongoing Professional Development
Recent Internal Agency Creation clients


Meet the team


Tavis Salazar
Partner, Brand Strategist and Creative Director

Senior brand strategy executive leading creative direction across digital and traditional channels for both agencies and in-house creative teams.

Michael Kruse
Sr. Project Manager / Creative Services Director / Marketing Ops

Experienced Project Manager and Creative Operations Director for in-house agencies that have included Sotheby’s Auction House, Condé Nast and Underwriter’s Laboratories.

Julie Mantis
Marketing Transformation Lead

Veteran Brand Strategist with deep proficiency in brand architecture, creative strategy, and brand identity. Marketing Transformation expert, with a focus on Marketing Process.

Juan-Carlos Morales
Executive Creative Director

A veteran Creative Leader with a proven track record of building award-winning creative teams at scale. He's built teams for global numerous organizations.

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