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Hemp, Cannabis and the Black Market: A Discussion of Quality and Safety. There are enormous profits in the cannabis industry and corporations are ready to do what they do best – acquire it, scale it, and mass distribute it.

There needs to be an establishment of quality control of the products. This then ensures a standard of shelf-life stability, homogeneity and considers lab variability issues. There is a long road to standardization…but what is the road map?

Jocelyn Kane, the Founder of 24 Palm Trees LLC and Vice President of CVCAN serves as a moderator. She speaks to a wide panel of experts on trends in hemp and cannabis in the black market and how to combat those through quality and safety. These include Zachary Eisenberg – Vice President, Anresco Laboratories, Garrett Graff – Managing Attorney, Hoban Law Group, Mike Coner, President, ezGreen Compliance and a partner of Chameleon Collective, and Swami Chaitanya – Co-Founder, Swami Selects.

Make sure to also visit New West Summit for more discussions on the cannabis/CBD industry.

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