We lead. We scale. We adapt.


We lead. We scale. We adapt.


Our Collective Approach

The Collective Approach

We reinvented the traditional company by removing classical hierarchies, unnecessary costs, and business models that cause inflexibility.

Our approach attracts multi-disciplinary leaders and entrepreneurial freethinkers who self-manage and solve meaningful challenges for our clients.
The approach that sparked our company will revolutionize yours.
What is Chameleon Collective

The new face of
professional services

We are a hybrid consulting and marketing services firm that provides strategic leadership and experts to execute challenging tasks on-demand.


We’ve attracted talent from the world’s top companies.

Our employee-first approach is a honey pot for top-tier talent who want to rethink the way they work.


We have Fortune 1000 experience.

Our team has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and most respected private equity firms.


We have changed companies from the inside out.

We are trusted with key interim roles allowing us to truly change the culture and trajectory of an organization.


We are over 100 strong and counting.

From C-Suite to production designers and everything in between.

Recent Clients


Our key areas of focus


Although we have a broad range of expertise as individuals, we are able to come together to solve larger challenges as teams of experts with extensive knowledge in certain verticals.

Each team member has exemplary credentials that are relevant to the team. This allows the teams to have total confidence that they are approaching opportunities and delivering client work with our best people for the job.

  • Chameleon collective provided experienced marketing leadership when we needed it, the marketing and ecommerce experts to help create and execute the vision, and the support to build out a smart internal team as a long term solution.

    Cody Fox - President of Backyard Discovery
  • Chameleon collective has proven to be a reliable partner for the diverse needs of our portfolio of companies. The breadth and experience of their experts are invaluable.

    Steve Pasko - Co-Founder 777 Partners
  • Chameleon collective provided us with best in class digital strategies for helping us grow our website and amazon business. They then took that strategy and applied it with ease; keeping us informed, while growing our understanding of our opportunities and successes along the way.

    Scott Birnbaum - CMO of Mission
  • Chameleon collective assembles a nimble and resourceful team of subject matter experts that delivers strategic and still pragmatic solutions while avoiding the challenges we have experienced when collaborating with traditional consultancies or agencies.

    Lisa Kauffman - CMO of Perry Ellis
We don’t like to brag, but….


Ultimately clients choose to work with Chameleon Collective due to the quality of our people and our dedication to keeping our collective a highly curated network of professional peers built on our mutual trust.

There is no us and them, we seamlessly blend into the client’s team.

We have been on the agency side and know how hard it is to manage communication between two (sometimes more) teams. We believe in weaving ourselves into client teams and meetings, to make this process more harmonious.

There are no endless layers of oversight and overhead.

Chameleon is a flat and decentralized organization with no offices. We run lean, removing typical agency costs in order to pass all those savings to the clients and the people doing the work.

There is a Chameleon for (almost) every challenge a client may have.

With over 100 Chameleons around the globe and a wide variety of skills and experience levels we are set up to support everything from brand strategy, through activation and everything in-between.

Chameleons have been around the block and know their stuff.

All Chameleons are seasoned with agency experience, Fortune 1000 companies, or by having held C-Suite executive positions of their own. Many joining for the freedom, network and support it offers to support their clients best.

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