Backyard Discovery is the largest residential swing set manufacturer in the United States. They celebrate values like being outdoors, spending time with family, and helping kids get outside and away from technology to grow their muscles and their minds.

Backyard Discovery offers quality outdoor products encouraging outdoor play and leisure, at prices that fit any budget, with unrivaled attention to the purchase, delivery and installation experience.

Until 2016, Backyard Discovery’s sales came from retail partnerships. Code Orange was asked to create a direct to consumer strategy and to implement our recommendations.




Art Direction

Code Orange created a 360 consumer engagement strategy that included a brand awareness event, an e-commerce enabled website, review syndication across the owned and retailer sites, search engine marketing, paid and social media activations, promotional campaigns, mailing list with growth strategy, newsletter creation, influencer engagement, instructional and product video, product and lifestyle photography, product description creation, and new product launches.

Increased revenue by 324% within one year

  • Increased December holiday sales by 95% from previous year.
  • Syndicated reviews from 14 retailers, and launched Amazon US and Amazon Canada.
  • Created a multi-million dollar sales channel through Amazon, with an average advertising cost of sale of 16%.
  • Increased Natural Search Traffic by 184% year over year.
  • Created 5 informational videos to cut down on customer service calls.
  • Created 1 product video to launch new product, which received more than 450,000 views and has an 84% watch to completion rate.
  • Reduced overall CPA costs while increasing overall conversion totals.
  • Successfully transitioned our Re-marketing efforts to Social Media resulting in much more effective and cost effective advertising.
  • Created and implemented a massively successful Amazon campaign that established Amazon as one of Backyard’s primary revenue channels.