DotDashPay makes taking payments simple. With both hardware and software solutions, it enables companies who build, design, and deploy machines to easily and quickly connect payments of any kind (Apple Pay, NFC, chips, etc.). Updating old systems with modern payment methods historically meant complex and time-consuming integration work, not to mention security risks. This solution avoids all that. Months of integration work with complex manuals are solved with just a few lines of code. And DotDashPay’s bullet-proof platform provides remote security patches and network analysis.

The product is cool, smart, and sophisticated, but the website wasn’t. Leaning too much into the technical process and benefits, the site didn’t paint a clear picture of what the future of payments looked like when employing a DotDashPay solution. It was time for the site to ditch the dev talk and connect with their target clients, mainly those in charge of innovation in the retail category.




Art Direction

Neither the language nor the imagery accurately represented its innovative soul.

We offered a lean strategic and creative team (specializing in retail) to give the site a major facelift. From content strategy and UX to design and copy, Code Orange overhauled the messaging and creative direction to make sure the right audience sees the right stuff.