Virtua Partners is a private equity firm specializing in commercial real estate and sponsoring a variety of funds and real estate projects nationwide. Their investment products include fixed income, growth to income, growth, and aggressive growth. Through Virtua Partners’ affiliates, they provide debt and equity origination, asset and property management, workout consulting, development, and fund management.

Content Creation


Media Planning



Virtua first reached out to build awareness of their investment opportunities to individual investors looking to expand their portfolios with high yield offerings. They also wanted to streamline their lead capture process and convert subscriptions through business to business and business to consumer channels.

Our team began with an immersion process to understand their comparative advantages in the REIT space. Then, we provided the strategic direction necessary to extend Virtua’s successes into investor acquisition and awareness of their investment opportunities.

We focused on media buying and content marketing to build their network of investors, drive traffic to their website and convert webinar registrants to active investors. Our current focus is a complete website overhaul including a refreshed brand identity, updated messaging, and implementing the latest technological tools to maximize conversions and automation; scheduled to launch later this summer.