Agency Procurement: Operational Efficiency

Role: Operational Efficiency

Most agencies are similar and we’ve worked at over 100 of the industry’s best. 

We quickly gain an understanding of your organization, department OKRs, and desired future state. 

Under the leadership of Brett Colbert, our Chameleon team was able to review department processes, hand-offs, time parameters, and talent maturity. 

After analyzing the data, we worked with the executive teams to deconstruct the processes, provide an objective perspective, and challenged the teams to address true value-added vs. non-value-added tasks. The focus was shifted to the top goals and action items to accomplish them

This resulted in infrastructure improvements, improved financial performance, operational budgets, and financial accountability.  

Client P&Ls >40%, Corporate P&Ls  >30% net profit monthly for our agencies to date,  and quantifiable value that is tracked on an ongoing basis.