Agency Procurement Resource Management

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Role: Resource Management



From running agency searches to leading agency growth, to delivering top talent for some of the best-recognized brands and agencies in the world; we’ve been on all sides of the table. We know brands. We know agencies. We know top talent.

Chameleons have been tasked to source and secure new talent for growing agencies.

  • Attract top talent to your organization fast
  • Identify new capabilities with higher billability rates
  • Reduce wasted time with a recruiter that knows the right talent
  • Review only qualified candidates who are known and vetted
  • Keep your search confidential



After working with the clients to understand existing team structures, we identified talent to improve the agency’s investment approach after they were unsuccessful with in-house and retained recruiters.

Through our collaborative work, our clients saw a 90% conversion of identified and HIRED new talent in weeks. The agencies had clearer metrics for measuring success, leading to higher morale, and better retention for the agency teams and capabilities. We elevated creative reputation while widening their experience base beyond traditional advertising into integrated, digital and growth marketing channels.