Role: Amazon Ad Management



Funimation needed a new partner to help run their ads in Q4 2019. They needed quick ownership and campaign creation to help boost and support sales initiatives. Their team also needed a strategy to drive sales moving forward with support from paid search.

Chameleon joined in November 2019 and created hundreds of campaigns within days. We built a paid search strategy to support both best sellers as well as new releases for the brand. Our team also created a strategy to further build brand equity within Amazon using updated creative including video.


We worked with both Funimation and Amazon to leverage all of the available Amazon advertising programs as well as beta programs to drive growth. Chameleon tested using both automated software as well as manual bidding to insure each brand within Funimation was receiving the right amount of support. 

Chameleon exceeded ROAS goals for Funimation by over 3X their initial goals and grew this project to include Growth Marketing Leadership, CRM, and affiliate.

Funimation Google Ads driving to their Amazon page

Funimation landing page