Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery

Role: Management & Marketing



Chameleon built an extensive content strategy focused on a hyper-diverse keyword strategy and helped Backyard Discovery execute it across multiple channels with a focus on Amazon. This strategy delved deep into the search volume and keyword difficulty and helped Backyard Discovery rank higher for multiple items. This helped grow sales on the non-paid search and grew paid campaigns with a laser-focused efficiency to generate campaigns with the highest level of ROAS efficiency.


In 3 months, Chameleon generated 7 figure sales growth with a modest targeted investment. Our campaigns have generated millions of impressions and thousands of very relevant clicks with an average cost of the sale being as low as 4%. Our carefully crafted campaigns helped grow the business on Amazon at a quick and efficient scale to help this channel and have applied the learnings to all of their third-party retailers as well as their .com business.