Role: New Market Development



Atypon, the leading SaaS solution for scholarly and scientific publishers, knew they had a deep understanding of the customers visiting the thousands of journals hosted on their platform. The challenge was figuring out a way to transform this customer data into a new product that was valuable to users, publishers, and Atypon.

Atypon had an initial hypothesis focused on selling targeted audiences to ad buyers. The Chameleon team was brought in to evaluate the customer data asset, assess the market potential, and model the market opportunity. Through a combination of relevant market interviews and detailed revenue modeling, Chameleon showed that the initial plan to sell targeted audiences would not create the revenue opportunity Atypon required. More importantly though, this work helped identify a new opportunity that would.

The data-driven analysis performed by the Chameleon team showed the real revenue opportunity was using the Atypon customer insights to create more targeted content and drive more customer engagement on the existing platform. This new product module created better alignment with the current Atypon business, provided superior economics to both Atypon and their publishers, and leveraged the data in a privacy friendly way.