Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery

Role: Marketing Manager



Backyard Discovery is the leading manufacturer of high-quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and backyard leisure products in the United States. For over 30 years, they’ve been introducing children and their families to the beauty and joy of the outdoors.

Although Backyard Discovery provided families with the means for creating precious backyard moments, what lacked was a direct relationship with their end consumer. When you think of swing sets, playhouses, and other yard accessories, you think of spending quality time outside in the sun with family and friends; you think of relationships.

Until 2016, Backyard Discovery primarily sold through wholesale channels – not directly to consumers. As digital channels matured, it became clear that Backyard Discovery had an opportunity to start selling directly to customers – that’s where Chameleon Collective came in. Armed with the latest technology and eCommerce tools, a team of six Chameleons took on the challenge.  

Our solution included a completely new 360-degree consumer engagement strategy that drove Backyard Discovery headlong into the direct-to-consumer market. Within six months, we launched a brand awareness event, supported by a completely refreshed consumer-facing website, and also got Backyard Discovery up on Amazon.

Backyard Discovery