Role: 360° Brand Design



Serial entrepreneur, Warren Struhl had a vision – to sell licorice as a premium product that was both memorable and gift worthy.


Veteran brand & packaging designers at Chameleon, aligned with Warren’s vision and brought it all to life. This iconic and ownable black and red striped packaging design and powerful logo captured what the Struhl family could not put into words. Chameleon was able to create a fun, yet expensive looking visual identity & packaging design for that provides a strong foundation for building the brand. Furthermore, Chameleon provided art direction & web design for the Shopify site and packaging evolution for gift giving. Customizable premium gift boxes became a big seller right in time for the holiday season.

The Result:

  • Sales expectations have been exceeded!
  • The stunning and memorable black and red licorice tubes caught the attention of Oprah’s O Magazine and were featured on Oprah’s Valentine’s Day O List.
  • vending machines – amplifying the black & red identity are in production