Role: Walt Grace Vintage



Vintage cars and guitars—you’d think the brand would guide itself. But even for Walt Grace Vintage, tuning up their voice and vision was a challenge. They knew dreaming was at the center of it, but bringing the dream into reality required some extra finesse. Sure, the products are sexy, but taken together, how can they be used to say something more than that?


The Chameleon team investigated the roots of what it means to dream, and what happens when Walt Grace’s catalog collides with real life. With a strong voice expression, story-driven, aspirational ads, and a design style reminiscent of vintage advertising, we created a fresh vibe for Walt Grace Vintage that had a stronger conceptual center. It’s the kind of branded treatment these beauties deserve.

Our growth marketing team drove awareness and revenue by significantly improving the website’s organic search results with additional awareness driven via Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping. We then used marketing automation tools to ensure real-time engagement with customers via personalized messages and with ongoing newsletters ensuring that customers stayed engaged with the brand until that perfect guitar or car came along.