Leading Health & Wellness Company

Role: CX & Operations Strategy



Our client in the health and wellness space began experiencing growth for the first time in 2019 but was unable to keep up from an operational and process perspective and were worried that their success would be short-lived. Providing customer service, at the core of what they do, was creating significant issues and customers were noticing. Their processes, compliance and growth strategy was falling behind their plans. They were also beginning to see the beginning of stagnation of growth.

Our team developed implemented a new operating process, built a first rate customer support team, featuring customer success representatives along with highly qualified specialists in the field to keep up with growing demand. We also developed a growth strategy and rolled out a new prospecting strategy to accelerate growth even further.


The outcome includes current quality rates at or above 99%, very high customer satisfaction, dramatic improvements in repeat purchases, and higher quality control and utilization rates across the board. Additionally, margins are up over 40% yoy while revenue continues to grow at a steady and consistent pace, reaching new record highs each month.

The team continues to grow at a steady pace and the company is planning on an expansion starting in Q2 of 2020.