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Puerto de Indias is born from two entrepreneurs’ passion for spirits leading them to acquire an old distillery in Seville and experimenting with infusing fresh local strawberries into Gin. This is how pink gin was born. Puerto De Indias is now on a global journey to define a new category, leaving behind the gin stigma and charting a path towards making pink gin the trendy new flavor in town. After successful launches in Spain and the UK, PDI approached Chameleon to help them establish a new global presence better suited for the product and the coming brand launch in the US.


Chameleon engaged in a multi-month engagement, helping them relaunch their global website, putting pink gin in the spotlight while supporting their full product range.

Our team started off developing a visual brand rationale and “mood board” for Puerto, as the client was contemplating different positioning in the US. A UX Designer and Copywriter then developed the  visual system and copy for the brand portfolio website. The website was developed on WordPress, SEO optimized and translated into 5 languages via WPML modules and third party services

As we further help Puerto De Indias zero in on their audience target in the US, they are extremely excited to launch this new identity to the public as they grow their footprint here.

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Initial website design