Backyard Adventures

Role: Systems Integrations



Backyard Adventures is a Pittsburgh, KS based builder of bespoke backyard playsets. Backyard was completely dependent on their dealer network for sales; they had no ecommerce capabilities. Further complicating the situation was their 20 year old custom built software solution that was responsible for processing dealer orders and communicating with the dealer network. This legacy system would have to be made to work with multiple modern services to bring Backyard’s products online.


Zachary Randall led the technical effort for Backyard. He coordinated multiple disparate technical teams and architected the solution for a new ecommerce site, an interactive playset designer and the legacy dealer site to function together seamlessly.

The legacy system was moved to an AWS based hosting solution and was enhanced with modern web services that enabled communication with other systems. The interactive playset designer was moved to a lower maintenance, more scalable hosting solution. 

Backyard Adventures has experienced exponential growth since the launch of the new ecommerce platform. In addition to booming online sales, the dealer site has been a differentiator in growing their dealer network.