Role: SEO & Site Design


Enviro Design Products, founded in 1994, established it’s business by providing environmental products to the RV campsite, well monitoring, and water well drilling industry. The company, with assistance from Chameleon Collective, entered an underdeveloped online competitive landscape and was able to ca
pture significant market share almost tripling the businesses size in three years.

Chameleon Collective modernized the company’s brand identity, launched a robust Shopify based eCommerce site, and then optimized it aggressively for search engines. The result is consistent year over year growth driven by securing top 10 search results for a wide array of relevant terms within this niche industry.

Leveraging this growth and increased revenue the company has continued to re-invest in it’s online acquisition channels leveraging Google Product Listing Ads and strategic use of Adwords to drive organic search ranking improvement. The growth has caused the company to re-think it’s business strategy shifting from a product development company into sales and marketing focused organization.

Now the company has increased it’s available products for sale from just under 40 products to almost 3,500 products over four years as it continues to scale the strategy Chameleon Collective provided.