Interim Franchise VP

Interim Franchise VP

Case Study

Sales Turnaround: How an Interim Franchise VP Reenergized Blink Fitness Centers



Blink Fitness Centers were grappling with the challenge of underperforming franchise locations when compared to their corporate-owned counterparts. This performance gap threatened their expansion plans through franchising.


Our Interim Franchise VP swiftly sprung into action. In just one month, the franchise locations began outperforming their corporate counterparts in Cost Per Lead and Daily Enrollments. These improvements were not momentary flashes but consistent patterns maintained throughout the six-month engagement. The Interim Franchise VP initiated customized and integrated campaigns that utilized customer/franchisee-generated content, creating new copy and captivating messaging to reach the target audience. They also overhauled digital channel configurations and allocations to rectify issues and optimize performance. A notable achievement was setting a company-wide record for single-day sales through a strategically designed integrated online/on-location event. The successful concept was later replicated across the entire franchise network.


By the end of the engagement, a synergistic partnership between central digital resources and local on-site efforts was established. This comprehensive approach reduced the Cost Per Qualified Lead by 80%, increased enrollments by over 20%, and set a platform for consistent high performance. Consequently, Blink Fitness Centers’ franchisees were now achieving higher enrollments while spending less, paving the way for the reactivation of Blink’s franchise expansion plans.

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