Role: Leadership & Enablement



SwipeClock had established a successful Channel Sales approach but knew the market could move faster going Direct. In addition, they had recently lost their go-to-market leaders. The company needed a rapid assessment, new Direct strategy, and Interim Leadership.  Its SaaS product was well-positioned to the SMB / SME market, with products to target companies with 25-500 employees, so they were challenged with how best to leverage this strong Product as the company moved to a Direct model.


The Chameleon Collective team started with a strategist to rapidly assess potential segments. Looking across the largest sectors of the economy, they selected the segments with greatest need, combined with the largest possible scale. Next, a CRO/CMO came in to oversee sales and marketing and implement a highly scalable operating model, launching 4 Customer Acquisition channels in 4 weeks, repurposing 100s of pieces of content, and generating seven figures revenue in first year of launch. New sales enablement processes allowed a direct sales team to function at even greater scale, while topgrading the underperforming team members.  Finally, a new, comprehensive product suite was successfully launched to capture higher margins and secure larger ARR SaaS customers.

Over an eight month period we were able to complete these key tasks while helping to identify and hire permanent ongoing staff and completing a successful transition.