Kimera Labs

Role: CRM/E-commerce Architecture



Kimera Labs is a rapidly growing biotechnology company producing a scientific and clinical research product that’s going to market through a traditional distribution network as well as directly to customers – a relatively disruptive approach that presents significant operational challenges.

Kimera had selected Shopify and Salesforce for their core CRM and eCommerce platforms, but the project had stalled.


Kimera turned to Chameleon for their combined eCommerce, CRM and technical expertise to identify blockers to completing their project and define a clear path for implementation. The Chameleon team worked with key stakeholders to understand the nuances of the business processes, completed audits of their implemented environments and prepared a revised eCommerce + CRM architecture and path for implementation.

Kimera now has a clear vision and implementation plan for a combined eCommerce and CRM strategy that will be cost effective to implement, scale and maintain.