Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus

Role: E-commerce/Marketing Division



We have been partnering with Lamps Plus, who is the largest lighting retailer in the US, since October 2017 and they have trusted us ever since.

We worked with the Head of E-commerce/Digital Marketing and recruited across the team. Digital growth has created new roles in the last two years, especially on the analytical side and the social media side.

For these two roles, the opportunity was to understand the team structure and is the reason why those roles were added. We were looking for individuals coming from a strong analytical background and for the second role, someone with a solid social media knowledge. The team wanted to learn something fresh and new from working with new hires.

We introduced them to at least 15 people for each role, and we shortlisted about 4 for each position within 8 weeks for the two roles.

We have three open role positions and we have a solid partnership.

Lamps Plus