Robert Graham
Role: VP Of E-Commerce



Robert Graham had built a sizable eCommerce business; however, it had become overly reliant on discounting and growth began to stagnate. As a luxury lifestyle brand, Robert Graham upholds a certain set of standards not followed by just any company.  So, when their customer base was becoming conditioned to shop on sale, they knew it was time to transform their eCommerce business and focus on building a compelling digital customer experience that would be a beacon for their luxury brand.

We placed an interim Head of eCommerce within their organization to define a new digital strategy and quickly impact the business with only a few months of time before Holiday code-freeze. This included a new site design and UX overhaul, a customer segmentation strategy to tailor messaging and content, new reporting, and cross-functional process implementation and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan. In addition to a Head of eCommerce, Chameleon Collective brought in a Digital Marketing Strategist and Performance Marketing Specialists to manage all digital marketing.

Thanks to our swift response, Robert Graham was able to circumnavigate a potentially harmful path toward brand devaluation and reorient themselves toward a more focused eCommerce solution. In addition to spurring an 18% YoY increase in conversion rate and a 10% YoY increase in sales over a three month period, our Chameleons secured a solid digital marketing foundation and recruited a permanent Head of eCommerce to continue the digital transformation.

Robert Graham
Robert Graham

Assets from the digital marketing plan created and managed by Chameleon Collective for their Facebook page.