Role: B2B&B2C Websites



Tangem is a team of blockchain experts who developed a chip-to-chain technology that created a microchip that they embedded inside a smart banknote – essentially creating self-custody of crypto-currency inside a physical card. The card had previously been made available to technology influencers and now they wanted to sell their Tangem Cards to crypto enthusiasts at large. Tangem’s CEO engaged Chameleon Collective to create a commerce site, a B2B site and a redesigned physical card.

With a trade show less than six weeks away, Tangem needed results fast. The websites needed to be live so that they could be introduced to the multiple clients, partners and competitors at the conference, but it also needed to feature final designs of the cards as well, ready for production.

Chameleon Collective assembled a team of blockchain experts and content creators to create tackle this challenge. Working with an international team to avoid any delays, the team utilized American and European team members to work with Tangem’s international team. Copy and web design often worked simultaneously with final edits and flourishes added to the live sites. The inspiration for the card design was struck immediately, which allowed for several iterations before final delivery.

The commerce site, business site and cards were completed on time, allowing Tangem to introduce their products to an enthusiastic audience.