Technology Company

Technology Company
Role: Creating Sustainable Partners



This tech company needed to review partnerships within the organization’s departments and tasked this to their procurement department. The department needed support in reevaluating their partnerships with marketing, finance and different agencies. They wanted to create sustainable strategic partnerships, thus replacing traditional procurement roles.

We were able to redesign new measurable KPIs in a way that provided a win for all parties and still delivered to all business results.

In addition, to structural changes, CC suggested a number of operational and process changes within their sales organization to ensure they maximized the revenue from their existing clients and moved away from low margin – high cost customers using critical sales resources.

This resulted in an incremental 22% on top of original savings which was achieved by realigning a service vs function “way of working.” The agency was incentivized to deliver a $3MM of supplier lead revenue generation (one of many new KPIs) that converted procurement into a profit center and contributed to top line growth