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PR & Communications

Our Approach to PR & Communications Services


Knowing how and when to tell your company’s and customers’ stories will change behaviors and perceptions about your brand.

Storytelling is the oldest form of education. Today’s consumers are bombarded with thousands of stories per day, but they typically remember a story that is told well, has emotion or has a logical conclusion. Once consumers are informed, their behaviors and perceptions about a situation, brand or product are greatly influenced.  Understanding how and when to tell a company’s many stories and create communications campaigns to achieve the desired outcome is a craft that our communications professionals excel at. 

Public Relations is the art of truly understanding a company and its various audiences to build and ensure a positive reputation for the brand. It includes developing smart, strategic plans based on business goals and insights, messaging that resonates with today’s evolving consumers, and engaging content that authentically connects media and consumers with a brand.   

Implementing all flawlessly is critical to success, therefore our communications team can develop thought leadership positioning, pitch media, recommend and hire influencers, develop social content and collaborate with other marketers among other media relations. Our team has taken on challenging projects and delivered on budget and above expectations.

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PR & Communications Skills & Services


Chameleon Collective is able to leverage its diverse set of experts to affect change across your business from strategy to execution in a way that few companies can.

Strategic Communications

  • Interim communications leadership and counsel for C-Suite, including thought leadership, messaging, and media platforms
  • Create strategic communications plans to achieve an outcome
  • Establish communications for mergers, acquisitions, IPO etc
  • Manage crisis communications
  • Develop corporate, product or service messaging
  • Create social responsibility platform

Campaign Creation

  • Hold workshop sessions with key decision makers to establish campaign objectives
  • Create a plan to launch a product or service
  • Leverage existing research or conduct research
  • Engage third party spokesperson or celebrity spokesperson or influencers
  • Establish campaign success metrics

Media Relations

  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to story mine
  • Create story angles that will resonate with media and influencers
  • Media train executives and/or key spokespeople
  • Develop press materials for media and influencers
  • Pitch media
  • Secure coverage
  • Monitor media for newsjacking opportunities

Executive Visibility

  • Create a custom communications plan for an executive
  • Engage in speech writing for executive
  • Write or co-write guest articles, blogs and op-eds
  • Pitch subject matter experts for appearances on podcasts, broadcast television etc
  • Secure speaking spots at relevant industry conferences and events

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Stephanie Driscoll
Public Relations Specialist

Stephanie Driscoll has a passion for media relations. Through brand storytelling, Stephanie allows brands to connect with their target audience and share their unique perspective.

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