Sales Optimization

Sales Optimization & Sales Consulting

Our approach to Sales Performance, Retention, and Sales Ops


Don’t compromise or delay your revenue growth with less than optimum strategy and execution.

Driving a higher growth rate is fraught with challenges. When our clients struggle with having the right people to define strategies or sales processes, the tools and infrastructure in place to support their staff, or even need help filling their ranks with top-tier sales leaders or sales ops professionals they turn to Chameleon Collective.

With our deep and expansive experience in the classic areas of people, process, and technology; as well as data/KPIs and culture, Chameleon can not only identify and design programs to optimize revenue generation but as accomplished practitioners, can also roll up our sleeves and execute alongside your internal team.

Sales Optimization
Sales, Retention, and Sales Optimization Expertise


Understanding each companies stage of evolution provides a framework for prioritizing tactics

Converting leads into paying customers, and then having those customers stick around and buy more is a complicated process, but our optimization model breaks it down and uncovers the opportunities for the highest and fastest ROI.

Whether it’s a clear understanding of and ability to communicate value propositions, re-configuring comp plans, or tweaking sales processes and CRM tools, Our impact typically includes more efficient and effective:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Sales Processes
  • Sales Assets
  • Customer messaging & engagement
  • Land-and-expand / cross-selling
Sales Performance
Our skills and services


Chameleon Collective is able to leverage its diverse set of experts to affect change across your business in a way that few companies can through our sales optimization.

Sales Leadership

  • Interim CRO
  • Interim VP/Dir of Sales
  • Interim Sales Manager / Ops
  • Interim VP/Dir of Customer Success
  • Strategic Assessments
  • Vendor Assessments
  • Team Assessments
  • Team Restructuring

Sales Optimization

  • Archetype value propositions
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Sales Processes 
  • CRM Strategy
  • Analytics Optimization
  • Analysis & Insights
  • Social CRM Strategy
  • Process Definition & Alignment

Sales Enablement

  • Sales Materials
  • Sales / Marketing Automation
  • Sales Performance
  • Training
  • Sales Reporting / Dashboards
  • Lead Scoring Systems
  • Sales Content
  • Case Study Development

Customer Experience Optimization

  • Customer On-boarding
  • Customer Success
  • Expansion Revenue
  • Self-Service Strategy
  • Churn prevention
  • Renewals
  • Customer Service/Support

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Meet the team


Valerie Paliwal Milovic
Interim Sales Leader

Interim Sales Leader with B2B & B2C expertise who has led international sales for IBM, Symantec, McAfee, and HP Software.

Danny Fishman
Media Strategist & Advertising Executive

An industry-recognized "curator of innovation", Danny leverages his vast network of brand, agency, and media relationships to help companies accelerate marketplace growth.

Case Studies

Relevant Experience

The following work represents a cross-section of our relevant experience:

High-Growth SaaS Company

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Open Project

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