Five Tips to Boost SEO For E-Commerce Websites

Best Practice Tips for Practical and Technical Search Engine Optimization According to a 2017 Wolfgang Digital study, 43% of all e-commerce traffic comes from organic Google searches. Studies year after year show that mastering SEO for e-commerce is essential for those businesses who rely on organic traffic and search queries to make sales. Source Why, […]

Why Google Wants “Me” and Facebook’s Real Future

If you’re not familiar with the semantic web, the vision is that soon the web will deliver a personalized experience that not only is extraordinarily relevant to you but might also anticipate your desires before you even know them. How would it do this? By using the wealth of knowledge available via your social profile […]

Social Media 2012: 11 Trends You Should Watch

It’s easy to get caught up in today’s trends or even focus on the next six months. Some of 2009’s biggest trends included an increased emphasis on real-time search and information distribution, while distribution of marketing content in widgets and other pieces of portable content that worked across devices and social spaces also saw its […]

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