Anne-Michele Harrington


Anne-Michele Harrington

Anne-Michele is an innovative, strategic marketing leader with 18+ years of experience revitalizing iconic brands.

She has delivered growth for leading brands at Fortune 500 consumer goods companies (including Skippy, Hunt’s Tomatoes, Ziploc). Recently, she has created marketing strategies for scrappy startups through both direct leadership and advisory roles. Her deep expertise in classical brand management along with her keen focus on the customer “why” is a formidable combination that leads to passionate, highly engaged customers and profitable revenue growth.

Over the years, Anne-Michele has adapted her successful approach across established global consumer goods giants and small to mid-size companies looking to scale. She has worked in industries such as Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Household Cleaning Products, Water Filtration, Skincare, Luxury Appliances and Education. This agility, combined with her team building and training experience, makes her well-suited to leadership roles requiring deep understanding of both consumer behavior and the complexities of product, marketing, and sales. She has a track record of driving revenue and profit growth through insights-driven strategy development, robust business planning, and category-leading innovation.