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Dennis Duerden

Dennis Duerden

Media & Analytics Specialist


Ever since he was a kid he had a keen interest in marketing. While watching television, he found himself pondering the strategy, effectiveness, and target market of ads before he even knew the term ¨target market.¨ However, his affinity towards mathematics pushed him into an engineering degree at Clemson University. During his tenure at Clemson he found himself managing the advertising and sales of the self-sustaining Tiger Newspaper. Initially $50k in debt, he sold over $200k in advertisements and cut costs, leaving two years later with the company $100k in the green.

Instead of pursuing engineering post-grad, his growing passion for sales and marketing led him to New York where he began work at Scout Media. With his combination of mathematical prowess and marketing aptitude he quickly found himself leading the implementation and management of web analytics on all of Scout Media’s 300+ sites. Learning more every day, he mastered Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager while still finding time to strategize for a 2 million dollar social media marketing budget. Towards the end of his time at Scout he found himself learning and implementing tools for programmatic monetization and programmatic sales.

After two years, his entrepreneurial spirit took hold, and he left to start his own company Lifestream Gaming, while simultaneously working as an Analytics Consultant. Still in its infancy, the site will help premium content creators monetize their content at a higher threshold than they could before. He has worked on numerous clients since becoming a consultant. He has helped track and analyze data through dashboards, automate email campaigns, and run paid social ad campaigns. He can help take over your company’s analytics process no matter the current state, and provide insights that help drive real revenue.


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