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Gaby Gonda

gaby gonda

Gaby Gonda

Executive Recruiter

Gaby Gonda is an Executive Recruiter at Chameleon Collective leading talent acquisition efforts for marketing, technology, data science functions, and sales among other functions. Bringing over 16 years of experience in business development, management, research, training, and sales, she is vigorous about connecting people, businesses, opening doors and matching opportunities. She is committed to being a highly personalized recruiter as she brings not only her passion, but also thoroughness and focused approach to the table.

Gaby and her team work with mid-size to Fortune 500 companies to secure the very best professionals for C-level, Director, Management, and skilled positions throughout the United States. By developing constant, close and through rapport with clients and candidates, the quality and success of any placement can be ensured.

Prior to joining Chameleon Collective, Gaby had a successful career in real estate where she mastered management, communications, operations, marketing, and sales. She co-founded the Brazilian Division of Real Estate under RelatedISG, leading their international expansion to Brazil. This included leading international road-tours to attract wealthy investors, recruited and trained brokers, and spearheaded business development, strategic alliances, international sales; she also took a hand-on role in all digital marketing needs, some of which included website development, paid media, and CRM to drive growth. Applying these cross-functional experiences and skills to recruiting gives Gaby a competitive edge.

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