Jeff Arbour


For over 15 years, Jeff has been helping leading advertising agencies and global brands navigate the digital landscape. His experience as a founder, first employee, and advisor empowers an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and scaling organizations.

Understanding that interactive experiences help companies better engage and understand their digital audiences, Jeff founded Plyfe, a platform for creating mobile optimized interactive experiences in minutes, no coding required, in 2011. Plyfe was acquired by Tatango and is now part of the messaging stack for many global brands. Prior to founding Plyfe, Jeff served as Senior VP for N. America at The Hyperfactory, as their first U.S. employee, where he was responsible for growing the region's business, which led to the company’s acquisition by the Meredith Corporation. Jeff has worked with a long list of major global brands, such as Toyota, Loréal, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Kraft, and has been recognized for his work by the Mobile Marketing Association, AdTech and the Webbys.

In 2008, Jeff was named #1 in DM News’ Top 30 Under 30, Direct and Interactive Marketers Under 30, as well as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008 and 2009 by Invesp Consulting, and continues to be a sought after guest speaker at various international conferences.

Jeff is one of our founding partners at Chameleon Collective, with his efforts focused on transformation and rapidly scaling growth.

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