Joshua Hay

Partner, Digital Marketing Leader

Josh has worked in the digital industry for over 15 years. He leads digital marketing teams with ambitious thinking, effective planning, and deep knowledge that allows him to execute his own vision when needed.

Josh has strong B2B and B2C experience having worked for companies like Nokia, MTV, Intralinks, Future Now, and Hopeless Records. During this time he has published Case Studies with Google on A/B testing, has published excerpts in NY Times best sellers and spoken at multiple conferences.

His strongest skills lie in Project Management, Website Management, Email & Marketing Automation (Eloqua, Pardot), SEO (Conductor, SEMRush, MOZ) , SEM (Adwords, Facebook, Display), A/B testing (Google, Optimizely), CRM (Salesforce), Affiliate Marketing amongst many other things.

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Latest Posts by Joshua Hay

5 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Images and Increase Sales

Check out this guide for actionable tips you can implement today. There’s no denying that competition is fierce in the e-commerce market, and Amazon’s marketplace is no exception. Did you know that 70% of shoppers on Amazon never move past the first page of search results? In fact, according to recent statistics, 35% of users […]

4 Reasons Why An Amazon Seller Should Advertise with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

More consumers are using Amazon as their one-stop shop for product searches rather than going through search engines. Statistics show that in December 2014, 34 percent of U.S consumers were using search engines to conduct first-time product searches. By December 2016, only 28 percent began their searches there. In the same time frame, the number […]

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