Mark Ailsworth

Revenue Strategist

Mark's lifelong passion is being a CONNECTOR. He loves connecting people to products, ideas, strategies, businesses, and, of course, to other people. No single deal in his whole sales career has brought him more happiness than the joy that comes from helping friends, clients, and colleagues solve a problem or challenge by connecting them with a relevant solution.

Since the early ‘90s, Mark has been in the advertising world working progressive roles across agencies, startups and established brands. Mark’s career has spanned multiple firms in the AdTech and MarTech fields, and in every role, he was responsible for leading and inspiring teams, as well as training and developing the sales skills of his teams. Helping young executives chart a path for career growth is something Mark has a great passion for.

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41 Ways to Show VALUE When Cold-Emailing Prospects

This article was originally published in Medium. You’ve got a lot of competition when it comes to winning your prospect’s attention. Even if your brilliant cold email has slipped past the spam blockers and the user-defined filters, it must still rise through the clutter of your prospect’s inbox and *gulp* actually get opened! Statistically speaking, […]

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