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Olivia Hart

olivia hart

Olivia Hart

Interim Marketing Leadership specializing in B2B

Olivia’s mission is to impact the world around us both through the work she does professionally and the communities she fosters. Combining her empathic, creative energy with her own analytical processes, Olivia empowers teams, leaders and organizations to accelerate growth in expanding competitive landscapes.

Currently, Olivia serves as a marketing, communications and strategy leader for North American, APAC and European companies across diverse verticals including, progressive tech, SaaS/PaaS, data, AI, adtech, entertainment, and social impact. She has developed her own 360 marketing service proven to accelerate brand recognition, drive competitive market positioning, and establish internal infrastructures needed to facilitate rapid-growth. Along the way, she’s refined her processes to mitigate unnecessary risk and remove barriers to conversion, loyalty, and revenue.

A primary differentiator that sets Olivia apart is her passion for understanding human behavior, subconscious bias and decision making, and the tactical application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in marketing and leadership. After twelve years of experience in multi-industry, cross-cultural and multi-generational communications, Olivia saw a common theme and principal that has directed her career trajectory and focus. People are motivated to action typically on an emotional level, driven by subconscious behaviors and biases. Applied EQ creates more effective marketing and organizational strategies that removes barriers to growth and conversion, reduces turnover and overhead costs, and increases revenue and productivity. See for more info.

Based in New York, Olivia embodies the future of decentralized work by putting her experience into a consulting practice that’s benefited companies in Australia, Singapore, Bulgaria, and London. Through her most recent roles as the Head of Global Marketing for Linius, and VP Global Marketing at Eyeota, and formally as Director of Global Events at LiveIntent. She’s garnered the experiences required to significantly lift brand permeation and develop efficient strategies needed to enter new markets.

Early in her career, she learned from the best in the concert and entertainment industry on the resourcefulness and tenacity required to sell concert tickets, partnerships, sponsorships, and create rapid 360 marketing strategies for “mini start-ups” such as concert tours, music venues and festivals for Red Mountain Entertainment and the Woods at Fontanel in Nashville, TN. Later, while consulting for TMG Business Strategists at the intersection of tech, entertainment, and lifestyle brands, she developed a keen sense for which processes were needed to in order to facilitate rapid -growth and which barriers to simplify, creating cost-effective transitions.

In 2018, Olivia joined as Partner of the Chameleon Collective, which is a group of 120+ vertical specific experts, collaborating to bring the best solutions, expertise and services to today’s business challenges. She has participated in leadership communities such as Jerry Colonna’s Reboot: CEO Bootcamp, Landmark and The Hatch Network (Hatch a Better World). She serves as a mentor at Grand Central Tech, NUMA (accelerator for international tech companies) and for the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. She is passionate about social enterprise, anthropology, mindfulness and consciousness hacking, radical transparency and servitude, travel, and hosting eclectic dinner parties. Contact to inquire about project and retainer-based support.

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