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Sherry Ailsworth

sherry ailsworth

Sherry Ailsworth

Executive Recruiter Specialized in Digital & SaaS


Sherry is a born connector. She excels at connecting people with unique needs to people with unique capabilities in the shortest amount of time. Nothing is more exciting to her than watching a talented professional discover the right “fit” with a new opportunity, unless you count the thrill of satisfying a client who’s discovering an amazing new recruit whose “fit” score is OFF THE CHARTS!

It was not until she got into recruiting in 1998 with Microsoft that she realized being a connector was a gift. Connecting people most certainly is a gift, and she is committed to bringing that gift to the digital marketplace.

She believes the time has come to reform the field of recruiting from the “numbers game” that many have called it. That’s what cynics say. Recruiting needs a new focus, and that focus is “fit.”

Specialties: Executive Recruiting, Digital Ad Sales, Digital Marketing, Advertising Agency, Marketing Services, Big Data Sales and Consultation, SEO/SEM.