Thor Johnson


Thor Johnson

This versatile and accomplished technology executive has built, scaled, and restructured global firms ranging from SaaS startups to public corporations. Thor faces new challenges, difficult decisions, and complex business problems with informed thinking, transparent communications, and operational precision.

Thor’s style is to achieve business objectives by creating cultures of honest and direct communications, with measurable objectives and clear accountability. He has a deep appreciation of information technology and its applications. Thor also brings a global perspective from his extensive experience in US, Europe, and Asia.

He has led teams to successful outcomes at Juno Online Services (1999: IPO), (1999: IPO), Eloqua (2012: IPO & acquisition by Oracle NYSE: ORCL), and Intralinks NYSE: IL (held by SS&C Technology Holdings since 2018). As CEO of Formstack, his team secured Series A financing and grew the company 20% Q on Q. Under Thor’s leadership, inRiver doubled revenue globally as an enterprise SaaS market leader in e-commerce Product Information Management.