Oh Ship! How to Plough Your Way Through S##t

Promotional image for the "Oh Ship! Show" episode titled "How to Plough Your Way Through S##t." The image features headshots of Freddie Laker on the left and Cindy Gallop on the right, against a background of a blue sky with clouds.

We’re live! Freddie Laker and Cindy Gallop, Founder & CEO of #MakeLoveNotPorn, discuss how to deal with challenges and obstacles given her own entrepreneurial journey. Tune in now.

A vibrant graphic with the phrase "OH SHIP!" in large, colorful letters. The letter "O" is designed to look like a ship's porthole, and a seagull perches on the letter "H." The background features shades of blue, reminiscent of the sea—perfect imagery for your blog archive.

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“Oh Ship!” is about celebrating the failures, sharing those stories, learning, and laughing along the way.

Freddie Laker

A veteran digital marketer with experience working with some of the world's biggest global brands. He now focuses on providing interim leadership to PE-backed firms.

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