We are a company of founders: high performing, entrepreneurially minded leaders. Our journey started because Freddie Laker—a serial entrepreneur with a history of successful start-ups and one spectacular failure—became frustrated with the failure of agencies and consultants to affect meaningful and lasting change for their clients.

He believed that failure was a symptom of the misalignment between professional services firms whose business models require them to provide ongoing services to their clients and businesses who are seeking to achieve true transformation that makes them independent and self-sustaining.

We wanted to create a better alternative, while simultaneously creating a new type of corporate culture that valued “we” over “me”. It was comically ambitious, but this commitment inspired others to join in that mission.

The result is a radical model that creates transformative outcomes for businesses through a new type of work culture.

Three people are gathered around a table, working on laptops. The person in the foreground is focused on a laptop screen, while another person, wearing a hoodie, is sitting opposite, leaning their head on their hand. A water bottle and a small plant are on the table—a snapshot of our story unfolding.

Behind the Chameleon Colors

Our unique model is defined by two factors. 

First, we’re a holacracy, which means all work is peer to peer, with free-flowing leadership that reorganizes to suit each client and project. 

Second, each team member shares a small percentage of their revenue and time to further the Collective. In turn, all company profit is distributed back to our people. 

A stylized, high-contrast profile of a person's face viewed from the side against a solid blue background. The person's face is turned upwards, and they are wearing glasses. The image, part of "Our Story," is rendered in a bold, halftone pattern, evoking a pop art style.

It’s all based on our commitment to sharing the effort, the risk, and the rewards. And, as clients and Chameleons alike will tell you, this Collective works.

We Own


At Chameleon Collective, we’re driven to address the need for an authentic, collaborative approach to sustainable growth and innovation.

In essence, we become our clients, integrating seamlessly into their teams and working tirelessly to help them chart a course towards enduring progress.
We don’t believe in transactional relationships; we believe in transformational partnerships that empower businesses to reach their full potential. We exist to empower, inspire, and elevate. This is what sets us apart. It’s what drives us. It’s our reason for being.

Our success isn’t measured by what we do while we’re embedded with clients; it’s measured by their sustained success after we’ve left.

Harnessing The

Power Of We

A woman seated at a table with colorful paper and stationery, smiling and working on a project. Two other women stand in the foreground, one holding a notebook and the other holding a folder. The background is a bright, white room with minimal decor, setting the perfect scene for our story.
The Chameleon Collective model attracts leaders. They come in all forms, from inspirational C-suite leaders to subject matter experts. They join because they’re inspired by the way we work. They thrive in our entrepreneurial culture. And they consistently deliver meaningful results for our clients. They are our not-so-secret weapon.

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