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How Our Leaders Spearhead Change

We don’t see leadership as a role or rank but as an intrinsic quality embodied by every single Chameleon. That’s why they’re here.

We understand that leadership comes in many forms. From strategic visionaries with a storied tenure in Fortune 500 companies to tactical masters with a laser focus on their craft, each Chameleon brings unique attributes to the table. The magic happens when these different types of leaders converge, sharing their knowledge and driving concerted change for your business.

Whether it’s an interim leader for your team or a subject matter expert steering a critical project, our leaders’ impact transcends their job titles. They immerse themselves in your business, resonate with your goals, and become extensions of your team, paving the way for enduring transformations.

A Spectrum of Leadership

Our leaders shape the narrative across our five practice areas: Brand, Marketing, Customer Experience, Commerce, and Sales. They combine their profound knowledge with their inherent ability to drive change in each area.

Backed by their rich experience and Chameleon’s resources, these leaders take our clients beyond business-as-usual. They’re not just experts in their fields – they’re catalysts for change, paving the way for success in each practice area and, ultimately, your entire organization.

Interim and Fractional Leadership

Strategic Leaders for Impactful 

Stepping into pivotal roles to propel your business forward. With Chameleon Collective, 
leadership isn’t a role – it’s an intrinsic quality that our experts embody.

Andrew Solmssen

Andrew Solmssen

MD/CRO - Professional Services

Wendy Caceres

Wendy Caceres

CMO | Strategist

Vu Pham

Vu Pham

Data Scientist

Uwe Hook

Uwe Hook

Interim CMO/CDO

Thor Johnson

Thor Johnson

Interim B2B CEO, CMO

Tena Crock

Tena Crock

Interim Leadership & Strategy

Tasha Blackman

Tasha Blackman

Interim Marketing Leader

Stephane Gringer

Stephane Gringer

Transformation Catalyst

Shivika Sinha

Shivika Sinha

E-Commerce & Digital Leader

Sherry Ailsworth

Sherry Ailsworth

Executive Recruiter - Partner


Connecting on a
deeper level with
your audience.

Interim CMO

Rapid Transformation: How WorldRemit Accelerated Growth with an Interim CMO   Challenge: WorldRemit, a global payments platform boasting over 5 million act

Interim Media Leadership

Art Van’s Marketing Revolution: How Interim Leadership Shaped a Cost-effective Media Strategy   Challenge: Art Van, a billion-dollar regional omni-ch

Interim VP Of Brand

From Legacy to Relevance through Strategic Brand Leadership   Challenge: Despite boasting a brand recognition equal to industry giants like Coca Cola, Pola

Leadership To Execution

Navigating Digital Transformation to Propel Fintech and Retail Growth   Challenge: In 2020, as consumer behavior was rapidly shifting, Snap Finance needed

Interim Leadership & Digital Channel Execution

Revitalizing an Artisan Jewelry Brand through Effective Leadership   Challenge: John Hardy, a New York-based luxury jewelry company, was founded in 1975, d

Interim Head Of Marketing

Orchestrating Triple-Digit Growth as Interim Head of Growth   Challenge: As a disruptive DTC brand attempting to steal share from large incumbents in the u

Digital Marketing Leadership

Unlocking Success for MISSION with Strategic Digital Marketing   Challenge: MISSION, a leader in athletic apparel and cooling accessories, sought to launch

Industrial Marketing Leader

Streamlining Sales Growth at ImpactCSS   Challenge: ImpactCSS, an industrial investment group, aimed to enhance their portfolio promotion and market positi

Interim Head Of Growth Marketing

Transforming Erno Laszlo’s eCommerce Strategy: The Impact of an Interim Head of Growth Marketing   Challenge: Erno Laszlo, a celebrity-coveted skinc

Digital Leadership

Pioneering a Digital Marketing Transformation for Robert Graham   Challenge: Robert Graham needed a swift yet robust transformation of their e-commerce an

Interim CMO Leadership

Guiding Herewith’s Launch: Strategic Interim CMO Leadership   Challenge: Herewith, an innovative in-home senior care app, was on a tight schedule, wi

Transforming Marketing Strategy

Redefining Origina’s Marketing Focus: From Event-Driven to Digitally Automated    Challenge: As the digital era continued to accelerate, Origina recogn

Polaroid Business Transformation

Business Transformation of Polaroid   Challenge: Polaroid, an iconic brand with 82 years of history and a brand recall akin to Coca Cola, faced numerous ch

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