Case Study: InRiver Business Transformation

Case Study: InRiver Business Transformation

Case Study

Chameleon Collective & inRiver: A Transformative Partnership



In 2007, Sweden saw the emergence of an innovative software-as-a-service firm, inriver, specializing in product information management (PIM). With rapid growth and global reach, by 2022, they garnered the attention and subsequent acquisition by the private equity firm THL. However, this growth was not without its hurdles. As they ventured into broader horizons, inriver sought an adept ally to support their burgeoning needs – spanning from seamless leadership transitions to executive engagements and strategic event management. The landscape was complex; the solution needed, transformative.


At the intersection of commerce and creativity, inriver found its transformative partner in Chameleon Collective. Our approach, defined by our distinct business model, wasn’t just about solving problems; it was about embedding ourselves deeply within our clients, enabling them to soar independently.


At the beginning of our partnership, Chameleon Collective equipped inriver with a seasoned senior marketing consultant, positioning her full-time as an interim CMO. Her mission was twofold: to synergize with the new CEO and the subsequently recruited CMO, and to upscale operations while defining a resolute marketing trajectory. Throughout our partnership, leadership was an ongoing forte, with Chameleon Collective providing interim executive roles and advisory, supporting inriver through multiple executive transitions. Acting as a bridge between inriver and a key investor, we lead a business metamorphosis that revamped their entire sales process, fundamentally reshaping how they interacted with and served their clients.


Our value wasn’t confined to just leadership. Chameleon Collective’s reservoir of expertise was valuable to inriver’s varied needs. Be it designing corporate events, strategizing sales initiatives, or orchestrating inriver’s important annual user conferences (both on-ground and digital) that drew a whopping 1000 attendees annually for five consecutive years. Our ability to deliver was not just about doing the job; it was about doing it right, with precision, innovation, and a transformative flair.

Accelerated inriver’s growth, turning challenges into strategic successes.



The inriver-Chameleon Collective partnership defines what it means to transform from within. Our approach allowed inriver to tap into a vast wellspring of specialized expertise without the overhead of extensive internal expansion. It wasn’t just about agility; it was about assurance – a confidence anchored in our history of navigating similar challenges with finesse. With Chameleon Collective by its side, inriver amplified its strategic execution. What was once a challenge – scaling quickly amidst the typical limitations of sourcing the right talent with the right  skills, faced by many emerging enterprises – became a mastered art. With our seasoned professionals, inriver’s capacity to realize strategic objectives not only grew, but it evolved. And the zenith of our transformative journey? Witnessing our Chameleon leader organically integrate, becoming an invaluable asset within the very fabric of inriver’s team. It’s not about our presence; it’s about the lasting impact we leave behind – a testament to Chameleon Collective’s promise: success that sticks.

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Team Members

Claudia Seeger

Claudia Seeger

Interim Leader CMO | B2B SaaS

Julian Lopez

Julian Lopez

GTM/Revenue Ops | B2B SaaS

Sonja Shahan

Sonja Shahan

Copywriter | Brand Messaging

Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse

Senior Project Manager

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